Welcome to the historic fishing port of Mevagissey. The following information is supplied to help your stay be a pleasant one.

Visitors' moorings / Yacht moorings   Commercial Moorings

As Mevagissey is a working harbour, you must appreciate that working boats have priority.

Premier Moorings

We offer several premier moorings in this unique harbour on the south coast of Cornwall.  Mevagissey Harbour offers a safe drying inner harbour mooring, and the use of an always afloat outer harbour mooring, when tide time will not allow access to the inner harbour. We have premier moorings available for yachts capable of taking the ground safely at low water.

Dimensions as follows:

Mooring Size:

Minimum length 30 feet
Maximum length 36 feet   

Maximum draft 4 feet 6 inches

Mooring Type:

Inner harbour: Fore and aft laid and maintained by harbour staff.  

Charges: 54 per foot per annum including VAT.

Outer harbour: Free use of visitor's mooring.

Parking: Harbour parking pass included in the agreement..

For those interested in sailing from a unique harbour with many good day sails, weekend sails and further, apply to the Harbour Office for more details.

Seasonal summer outhaul moorings

Suitable for vessels to a maximum length of
18' LOA are available from 1st April until 30th September.

Charge:  432 including VAT per season, 70 per week.

Email: or write to the Harbour Office, or telephone 01726 843305.

Visitors' / Yacht Moorings

We welcome visiting yachts and will do our very best to accommodate them. Berths are available on the South pier, which is safe as long as the wind is not in the East. If wind is from the East and over force 3, it is strongly recommended to proceed to Fowey.

In addition there are two trots of fore and aft cylindrical visitors' buoys situated inside the harbour entrance, located on the north and south sides.

Fresh water is available from the inner harbour, however visiting boats must ask permission from the Harbour Office before entering the inner harbour. Visiting craft must not moor in the inner harbour.

For bilge keel yachts and twin hulls that can take the beach safely there is normally space available on the Sandy Beach on the east side of the West Quay.

Showers are available on the West Quay. Keys are available from the Harbour Office or a member of staff.

The harbour master can be contacted on VHF channel 16, using channel 14 as a working channel, or telephone:

Harbour Office: 01726 843305

Out of hours:
07486 471931

Our address is:

The Harbour Office
Mevagissey Harbour
PL26 6QQ

If required there is a boat builder and chandlery on the East Wharf. During the summer, buses run from outside the greengrocer to St. Austell every half-hour.


Visiting yachts: Up to 2 hours FREE. Longer at overnight rate.

Overnight: All visiting boats 20 including VAT.

The harbour also runs the Marine Aquarium housed in what was originally the RNLI boat house. See at first hand the fish that live in the Cornish waters, with staff on hand to answer any questions.

This is FREE OF CHARGE, but donations are welcome.



Vessel landed waste: Please bring to Harbour Office.

The harbour does not have facilities to accept sewage from slop tanks and would request all visiting boats to use their holding tanks until clear of the harbour.

For further information or assistance please contact the Harbour Office or a member of staff.

No fuel is available to non-commercial vessels. 

Commercial Moorings

Mevagissey Harbour remains a very busy fishing harbour. Currently there are 70 registered fishing boats within the harbour which land in excess of 2 million gross value of fish per annum. The harbour charges 2.5% landing dues on all gross landed value of fish.

The fleet consists of trawlers, scallopers, ring netters, gill netters, potters, and hand liners, catching and landing a huge variety of species.

As most of the boats are “day boats” they spend less than 24 hours at sea, so the fish caught and landed is fresh and of prime quality.

The largest boats that work from the harbour are 13 metres, and the smallest 5 metres, employing as many as 3 persons per boat or single handed.

All fishing boats are allocated moorings within the harbour and to qualify for a full time fishing mooring must satisfy the criteria laid down by the Trustees, which includes a minimum gross value of landing of 10,000 per annum.

Mevagissey Harbour Trustees supply the following facilities for use of the commercial fishermen :-

West Quay ( fish quay)

No 1 and No 2 cold stores
Chilled bait store
2 by 150 Kg SWL landing cranes
Salt water wash down pump and hose.
Fresh water hose.
2 sets of fish dock digital scales.
2 pallet trucks.
2 ice plants, 1 capable of 5 tonnes per day, 1 capable of 2.5 tonnes per day.
(Note; 2 half yearly charges are made to pay for the above facilities.)
Any bulk ice taken to sea is invoiced separately.

1 Large storage loft. Jetty

1 by 1 tonne SWL post jib crane, electric hoist capable of lifting 750 kgs

Platt:   26 storage lofts + 2 storage compounds.

Fish landings on the lighthouse pier are assisted by a hydraulic crane.

1 by 2 tonne SWL post jib crane, hydraulic crane situated on the lighthouse pier.

The Harbour Office is also able to supply mooring chain and associated mooring equipment. Please contact the Harbour Office for your requirements.


The lighthouse pier also houses the fuel delivery unit, the fuel delivered being red diesel. The system is operated by Keltic Fuels (subsidiary of Watsons) and each registered user has their own key. Invoicing is carried out by Keltic's office at Launceston.

Visiting fishing vessels :

These are made welcome , however they will be expected to pay the landing dues on any fish landed, and will be charged for ice usage.
If an extended stay is made then charges will be made for usage of all the fish quay facilities.