Harbour Masters Report April 2018
April has seen a slow improvement in the weather after an unsettled and long Winter and we look forward to Spring and the new season.
With the early Easter and reasonable weather saw numbers of visitors to the Harbour increase over the period.
The Aquarium has been open for some weeks with quite a few through the door already, and some new specimens being bought ashore by some of the local Fisherman which we thank them for.
Harbour Staff have been busy with the continued repairs remaining from the storm in March, most of which have now been completed with the Harbour compound and the Aquarium slipway doors planned for May.
Also having recently acquired the old East Quay toilet block Staff have been busy cleaning internally, preparation for new paintwork and clearing the flat roof.
Seasonal out-haul moorings start to be taken up with most of them being taken for the whole season, visiting yachts have been few in number so far which is an indication of the slow improvement in weather conditions.
The local fishing fleet have been active when weather permits with the trawler fleet finding fish scarce at the moment with several vessels heading farther West in search of better catches, and prices have been good at market.
The netting fleet having the wreck net fishery coming towards the end of the season have stated to change over to trammel and tangle nets for the spring.
The inshore fleet having catches of mackerel in the nets but not much on the lines as yet.
Several potting vessels have now put their pots out but brown crab also very scarce at the moment another indication of the late spring.

2nd, Pip electrical attend to a fault on the large jetty crane.

4th, John Grimes Partenership appointed on behalf of the Harbour to oversee the repairs necessary to both the North and South Piers, areas highlighted in last Year’s outer Harbour survey.

5th, Insurance inspection for the Hyster fork- lift truck. Geoff Daniels attends to start repairs to the South Pier up and over steps.

10th, FLAG Meeting at Tolvadden.

11th, Pip electrical attend to start repairs and replacement of faulty lighting units in the Fisherman’s lofts. Faulty lighting will be replaced with efficient LED fittings.

12th,Mike Pryor attends to fix faulty pressure valve on the break tank on West Quay.

13th, Meeting with Celtic Fuels re- moves towards reinstalling of the fuel pumping apparatus. Kestrel engineering attend to fit new handrail to the outer Harbour middle steps. Completion of the concreting of the up and over steps on South Pier. Harbour fundus clean organised by Surfers against Sewage and our local Councillor James Mustoe. This was well attended with a dozen volunteers and many dumpy bags of waste collected.

Harbour Masters Report March 2018.

The Weather for the start of the month continued with the unsettled winter we have had so far this year with storm Emma causing some damage to the outer Harbour with large areas of Tarmac torn up on the South Pier and lay- by parking area along from the Aquarium.
Both the fuel bunker station and the South Pier crane power- pack destroyed by the overtopping of the South Pier Harbour walls.
Hand-rails and ladders on both North and South Piers were damaged and will need replacing and repair.
Also damaged were the Aquarium lofts doors and steps with flooding in two lofts and the front doors of the Aquarium itself.
The Harbour compound was badly damaged, as were both the stone steps on South Pier and the Fisherman’s steps in front of the Harbour office.
After the initial clear up which I thank all who helped most of the debris was cleared from Sandy beach and the outer Harbour.
Thankfully all the vessels in the Harbour stayed on their moorings with just one or two small punts suffering minor damage.
With the combination of high spring tides and storm force Easterly winds this had been some of the worst conditions scene for many years and the damage done will take some time to repair and make stronger where possible into the future.
The fishing fleet continue as weather permits with the trawling fleet having slow fishing at the time but getting good prices at market and the netting fleet continue with the wreck net season.
The inshore fleet still finding fish scarce with little mackerel around this month.

2nd, Start of the initial clear- up from storm Emma, with many harbour users lending a hand, some all day and I thank them for that. South Pier closed to the public due to damage.

3rd, More clear- up and start to assess the damage done and the resources necessary immediately to replace and repair damage to the outer Harbour.
Insurance Company informed.

5th,Pip Electrical attend to making safe areas that had flooded with the storm, including the Harbour office store, the hut on the jetty the Coastguard Station and Fishermans lofts.
Insurance assessor attends to list and record the damage caused by the recent storm.

6th, Meeting with Kestrel Engineering regards the repairs necessary to the handrails on both the South Pier inner and outer steps, the outer North pier steps and the middle steps in the outer Harbour.
Meeting with Mark Brewer Engineering regarding the replacement of two badly damaged ladders on the North Pier, and repairs to the fuel bunker ladder on South Pier and repairs necessary to the Harbour compound.

8th, The Kingfisher returns to her home port after a major re- fit in Fowey.

9th, Meeting with Tom Richards Ltd regarding the replacement of the areas of storm damaged Tarmac.

Harbour Masters Report February 2018

February has seen continued unsettled weather through the month and difficult conditions for the fishing fleet, with the netting fleet now onto the wreck fishing season with reasonable catches so far with good prices at market.
The Trawler fleet finding catches a little slow at the moment but having good prices at market as well as the inshore fleet with mackerel scarce these also fetching good prices.
Harbour Staff have been busy with the cleaning of the Aquarium tanks, with one tank left to clean to date and the annual internal paint and clean up.
With the early Easter this year all the visitor and out-haul moorings have had their annual inspection in February with the addition of new foam filled mooring buffs for the out-haul moorings.

6th, Mike Pryor attends to check water feed to ice machines and replace pressure reduction valve.

7th, ice machine filter change.

8th, commence with the Aquarium tank clean down.

12th, Seawide Services attend for the annual inspection of the out-haul and visitors moorings.
Hyster fork lift truck serviced.

14th, T K, Marine attend to service the Harbour boat engines.

19th, Cormac start replacement of the grid outside the leather shop.
Crew transfer for the research vessel Cefas Endevour.

22nd, meeting with Cornwall Wildlife Trust re- working with the local inshore fleet with pinger trials for their nets.

23rd, PiP electrical attend to replace the lighting in West Quay loft with high output low energy led fittings.

Completion of Aquarium tank clean down.
Completion of Aquarium clean and paint up
Electrical check for Aquarium.
Out-haul ropes to lay out.
Meeting with EA, re- repairs necessary to both North and South Piers.

Repairs necessary after storm damage to the outer Harbour.
Replacement of lighting units in the Platt fisherman’s lofts with high output low energy led units.

Harbour Masters Report December 2017.

December brought some reasonable weather with the fishing fleet busy throughout with vessels fishing right up to the last market of the year.
The trawler fleet having steady catches with most of the boats fishing more locally and the netting fleet starting on the wreck fishing season.
The ring netters also having steady catches through the month, and the smaller inshore fleet getting quite a few days at sea.
The harbour have been busy clearing unwanted fishing gear from East Wharf and stowing fishing gear away in lofts, the harbour beginning to look somewhat clearer.

4th, Matt Semmens attends for the fitting of steel posts on the jetty. These will be padlocked in place with chains placed between. This should ease the vehicle problems in the working area of the jetty.

5th, BES attend for the inspection of the Junghienrich fork lift truck. No faults found.

6th, meeting with MMO EMFF funding team at the Mevagissey Social Club. The Harbour Office has application forms for persons interested in enquiring for EMFF funding for vessel improvement etc.

7th, 9 metre skip exchange.

8th, Seawide Services attend for the diver survey part of the condition survey of the North and South Piers.

12th, Twenty dumpy bags of cut out net taken to Newlyn Harbour for onward re cycling.

19th, waste oil collection from Oil Monster with 1500litre of waste oil collected for re cycling.

21st, last PTA landing before the Christmas break.

22nd, arrival from Lowestoft of a new trawler to the harbour the, Ann Louise, a 10metre steel trawler which adds another vessel to the local fleet.


Evaluation of the survey reports from the North and South Piers.
Harbour works program for 2018.
Finalisation of design and plans for outer harbour pontoon.


Annual clean down of aquarium tanks.
Painting of the aquarium interior.
Annual inspection of the outer harbour visitors and out-haul moorings.

Harbour masters Report September 2017

September has seen more of the unsettled weather we have had through most of the Summer months this year and all in all has been rather disappointing for the season.

However, there has been plenty of visitors to the Harbour over the last month albeit with prams and pushchairs and plenty of dog owners.

The Aquarium has been busy throughout with over 70,000 visits this season already, and Staff have been busy with general cleaning and clearing and continued paint up around the harbour as well as routine and non routine maintenance.

The local fishing fleet have been active through the month with the first landings of ring net fish, and will be expecting further landings as the season builds. The trawler fleet have been fishing farther afield, and catches have been good with some good prices at market. Several of the netting fleet also have been fishing away from their home port, also with some good catches, and several boats have just started with the wreck fish gear.

The small local boat fleet have had some better fishing with mackerel being more plentiful, and good prices at market.

4th. Pip Electrical attend to replace LED floodlight at the rear of the harbour office, and to install two plug sockets on the end of the jetty.

6th. St Peters church with a sale on the jetty with eight stalls and some excellent cakes!

7th. Meeting with Henry Millington, Seafish Principal Surveyor. Any local vessels that may need advice for re- fit and replacement work to be done, Henry is more than happy to advise and lives locally in Parr.

8th. Fork lift to the rescue as a Citroen Picasso puts a wheel over the quay at Oliver's slip! A donation for the Aquarium as a result.

11th. CDA attend to fix two cameras on the cctv system.

13th. Pip electrical attend to disconnect the large jetty crane prior to the removal of the jib for bearing replacement.

14th. Applied Fluid Power attend to remove the jib of the large jetty crane. Mac salvors crane hired in to lift off the jib. After some time to remove the bearing pin the crane jib was removed, and the lower bearing found to be collapsed with the upper bearing to have fallen. New lead bronze top hat bearing turned for the top bearing and lead bronze pressure bearing turned for the bottom, both with grease points. Bearing pin cleaned and greased and jib re-fitted and crane back in use the same day.

15th. New lighting poles erected for the harbour lighting project, one by the old toilets on East quay and another in the lay- by parking by the Aquarium. This will light up these areas where lighting has been poor. This will complete the project.

18th. Dig out and inspect the Aquarium seawater suction beach filter. Rob Oliver lifts a mini- digger with a JCB onto the Aquarium beach and the beach filter is exposed, this is found to be clogged with fine sand so was removed cleaned out and re- drilled. Filter was replaced and infilled all within the tidal window necessary. The result is a far greater flow from the pump, and far less pump cavitation noise.

20th. Contact Southwest Power Distribution re the connection of the new lighting poles. This work now scheduled for the 13th October.

23rd. Sub- Contractors for Southwest Power distribution attend to concrete around the new lighting poles.

25th. Contact all the seasonal out- haul mooring holders re- the end of the season is upon us, and to remove their boats by the end of the month.

27th. Seawater pump re- fitted on the West quay after a total rebuild by CPMR.

30th. Last day for seasonal out- haul moorings.


Connection of the new lighting poles.
North Pier condition survey.
Clearance of more fishing gear from around the harbour.
Continued paint up and tidy of the harbour.


Continued progress into the suitability of pontoon in the outer harbour, and subsequent design and costings.
Replacement of broken up areas of concrete around the harbour perimeter.
Requirement of storage areas for fishing gear away from the harbour.

Harbour Master's Report August 2017

August has seen changeable weather right through the month, with plenty of wet days interspersed with finer days, but none the less the Harbour has had lots of visitors. The Aquarium has been particularly busy with standing room only and at times queues to enter to look around. I would like to thank the Aquarium staff for all their hard work throughout the month and also the late night openings.

Outhaul moorings have had a good take up with all moorings let over August. There has also been good numbers of visiting yachts though slightly down on last year due to the unsettled weather.

The local fishing fleet have been active through the month with the trawler fleet having steady catches locally. Towards the end of the month the trawlers fishing further from home with good catches of cuttlefish and good prices for their landings.

The netting fleet have also been fishing further from home, mostly using their sole nets, also with some good catches and good prices at market. Some of the inshore boats have been catching some mackerel but not in large quantities with the prices holding up at market.

The Mevagissey to Fowey ferry has been busy throughout the month not losing too many days to bad weather. The half hour trip boats have had steady numbers of passengers as well as the self-drive boats weather permitting. The fishing trip boats being booked up throughout the month and the fast rib pleasure trips have proved popular. There has been plenty for visitors to do when visiting the Harbour.

Staff have been busy throughout the month with general maintenance, the constant clean up after large numbers of visitors, assisting the local fishing fleet and keeping on top of clearing of fishing gear into lofts and storage on East wharf.

2nd, Ziegra Ice Machines attend to service the ice plant, and it is thought that they will need servicing every ten months.

3rd, main seawater pump replaced in the Aquarium due to failure of electric motor with both the winding and bearings failing. New pump fitted and damaged pump taken to CPMR for repair.

6th, fault with parking meter at disabled parking with Cale parking attending to replace control board to fix.

7th, visiting yachts from Falmouth Classics week with several gaffers staying overnight. One vessel the Hester being built at Mitchell's boat yard in 1971, with the present owner having taken five years to re- fit her.

Also the Nebuleuse a 25 metre ex tuna fishing boat built at Camaret in Brittany in 1948, and used for tuna fishing in the Atlantic and the Portuguese coast. Now based in Paimpol and used as a charter vessel with trips around the Celtic nations including Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall. The present owner having taken 8 years to re-fit her himself and was completed in 1997.

9th, replacement of hand rail on South pier ferry steps.

Unexploded ordinance landed at Jetty, Coastguard informed who contacted EOD to take away and dispose of.

11th, Mevagissey Fire Brigade bring their Fire engine onto the jetty for locals and visitors to take a look at and climb aboard.

17th, Mevagissey bay visited by the Stad Amsterdam a replica of a Dutch tea Clipper of 76m overall, and 4.8m draft. The vessel is owned by the Netherlands sail training association and built in 2000. She has a crew of 25 and also 50 sail trainees aboard. Generally sailing around Caribbean and Mediterranean waters, the vessel looked majestic at anchor and attracted many visitors to take a look. The crew and trainees taking time to come ashore and look around Mevagissey.

22nd, FLAG Meeting at Tolvadden. Several projects discussed involving Harbour infrastructure, fishing gear storage, cranage, chiller storage, ice making facilities at various ports in Cornwall.

23rd, Border Force vessel the Nimrod visited the Harbour, she is the Coastal Patrol vessel and is 19m in length and 31 tonnes with 2 Caterpillar engines of 1000hp and two Hamilton water jets, with a speed of 32knots and range of 280nm.

24th, Trigg Morris perform on the jetty.

28th, last concert of the year for the Mevagissey Male voice Choir on the jetty which was well attended with the weather being kind for once.

30th, delivery of six lockable life jacket lockers from the RNLI.

31st, life jacket lockers in place below the Harbour notice board, these require 1 deposit and have already had their first customers of visiting yachts for a secure storage of life jackets whilst ashore.This means that visitors can wear life jackets when coming ashore in their tenders.


Completion of the Harbour lighting project with the erection of two lighting poles and the fitting of new lights in areas that are at present poorly lit.

Completion of the paint up of the fisherman’s lofts

Continued of the clearing of fishing gear away from the Harbour and into stores and lofts.

Fitting of gates to restrict access onto East Wharf, and the placement of posts and chain to restrict parking on the Harbour Jetty.


Pontoon in the outer Harbour for the fisherman’s punts.

Survey of the North pier with a LIDAR and Multi beam survey to ascertain the present condition and report on the structure, with a Diver survey on any areas highlighted in need of further investigation and future repair.

Harbour Master's Report March 2017.

March has seen mostly unsettled weather with only brief spells of fine weather when the local fleet can get to sea. The trawlers having some steady catches but a bit slack for the time of year.
The netters have had some good catches of wreck fish, with steady prices, this fishery is now coming towards the end of the season and the boats will start to change over their fleets of gear.
The inshore boats have been having reasonable catches when they can get to sea, with several boats doing well with the hand line mackerel, and others doing ok with their nets.

Around the harbour staff have been busy working on the Aquarium refurbishment, with the cleaning down of all the fish tanks, the paint up of the interior and the laying of the new safety flooring. The electrical work will be completed this week, and the paint up outside has started. New signage has been posted, and the aquarium will be open shortly with one new member of staff with Dave Williams taking some time out for this season, and we wish him well.

The new out- haul moorings have been placed, with some adjustments being made, and we will monitor how they perform and make any more adjustment as necessary.

1st, Wordley productions filming on the harbour working on the new Screwfix advert. Several local fisherman were involved and the advert has already been aired with the harbour as the backdrop. I didn't know that there was a water pipe in that position!

3rd, Diligence completes her refit on the slip, and is replaced by the Superb for some work. The slip has been busy this year with several boats using the facility, with the largest boat to date, the Girl Rachel on the slip having new deck beams and deck replacement at the moment.

8th, completion of the fish tank cleaning and necessary painting internally ready for the laying of new safety flooring.

10th, FLAG meeting at Looe harbour. Several projects have been given the go- ahead including new shellfish storage and pontoon at Hayle harbour.
Training for new Fisherman through Seafood Training Cornwall with a new mentor scheme being tried for new entrants after initial three week training course.
This will place entrants with experienced Skipper mentors for further training once at sea. The Skipper mentors will receive payment for their role, and Seafood training have asked if any Skippers would be interested in this programme from Mevagissey.
Also they will require shore side mentors for further training, and would be interested in anyone from Mevagissey who would able to fill this role.
The idea is to train and monitor new entrants over a period of time, introduce them to the industry and retain them into the future.

Also the Handliner Association have been given the go- ahead for the re- branding and update of the website.

10th, 11th, 12th, Cornwall flooring specialists commence preparation for the new safety flooring.
All the old paint was removed and ground back to good concrete.
This was then sealed with a two- pack epoxy primer. Then a latex screed put down with a fleet to the bottom right sump. Safety flooring was then put down, and the result looks very smart indeed with a ten year warranty on the flooring.

20th, Seawide Services attend to make adjustments to the newly laced out- haul moorings. There has been a good uptake for the moorings this year and the harbour will continue to promote these for full season rental.

21st, Matt Simmons delivered the new South Pier landing ladder. This was fitted the same day with several more brackets, and made in one section for more rigidity. The placement of which was altered to be away from the slew of the landing crane.
This will shortly be fendered with the harbour trying to find a good solution for this.

24th, Contacted by Seafood Cornwall Training re- the new scheme for new entrants to fishing. This initially will be a three week course with all the statutory safety training.
Thereafter the placement of trainees on vessels with Skipper mentors for experience and sea time.
The harbour has been asked to identify any Skippers from Mevagissey who would be interested in further details, and people wanting further information on the Shore side mentor role.
Please contact the harbour, and will forward on your interest.
Also please inform the harbour of any suitable persons, including school leavers for this year who would be interested in the course themselves.

28th, commence external paint up for the aquarium.


The casting of new concrete steps down to sandy beach.
External paint for aquarium.
Complete paint up of West quay.
Paint up of Lighthouse.
Clearing of fishing gear from the harbour.


Commencement of the harbour lighting project.
Suitability of pontoon jetty for areas of the outer harbour.

May I take this time to wish all harbour users a happy Easter, and for our seasonal boats a good season ahead.

Harbour Master's Report February 2017.

February brought reasonable weather at first with the fishing fleet making some good landings, with large catches of wreck fish from the netters. The ring net fishery came to an end early in the month and the inshore fleet continue to catch as weather permits.
Half term saw a few more visitors around the harbour, with quite a few businesses having been recently re- furbished and painted were open and were fairly busy.
Work continues around the harbour on the clean down of the aquarium tanks with one tank left to complete. The internal painting is also near completion in readiness for the safety flooring to be laid. Also two new signs have been delivered which will be mounted either side of the entrance.
Towards the end of the month the weather became more unsettled with a gale from the East, the harbour suffered little damage, but several of the aquarium lofts were flooded and we need to look at defences in future.
West quay machinery has been working well with no reports of ice run- off with the fridge temperature reduced. The ice plant will be due a change of filters fairly soon, and the new fridge floor in performing well.

2nd, A and M Defence attend to make improvements to the new fish landing cranes on West quay. Grooved rollers were fitted, and larger diameter wire. With nylon roller bearings fitted to the slew on the freestanding crane. This has improved the performance and will continue to monitor.

4th, One of our local fishing boats was unfortunately found to be taking on water early on Saturday morning, pumps were placed aboard as quickly as possible and the Fire Brigade informed. The pumps could not cope, and the vessel was partially flooded.
Divers were asked to assist to ascertain if there was any hull damage and to help rig lifting bags.
Pollution booms were placed around the vessel and the Coastguard informed.
The fishing community pulled together with several vessels offering assistance and many others with offers of help.
As the tide allowed the vessel was pumped out by the local fire and rescue team with pumps placed aboard the Copius. When clear of most of the water more persons were put aboard to rig lifting bags and attaching strong points to enable winching from other vessels. Harbour pumps were used to clear water out of the smaller spaces on the vessel and doors and vents were blocked.
As the tide came in other vessels the Valhalla, Copius and Galatea took up tension on their winches and with the help of lifting bags the vessel came upright with the tide and then placed alongside.
This was a great effort by all involved and the outcome was much better than It could have been, and the vessel is now under refit work, and back fishing soon.

6th, BES Engineer attends to survey the ice plants and refrigeration machinery on West quay. No faults were found. Informed the Engineer that new machinery was guaranteed and thereafter under service contracts.
PIP Electrical attend to fix fault on the large jetty crane.

8th, The harbour transports 2 tonnes of nylon netting for re- cycling to The Green Waste Company. This is a new contact after a breakdown with our last outlet led to a build-up in the compound.
14th, Driveline remove 2000lts of waste oil for the heating of the workshops, and at no cost to the harbour.

15th,BES Engineer attends to inspect all the lifting cranes on the harbour. The large jetty crane will require a new block, ant the South pier crane a replacement wire in near future.

22nd, Hyster attend to replace the windscreen wiper switch under warranty.

24th, Fishing for litter inform the harbour that a new firm will be servicing the dumpy bin after being let down by Biffa. HM re- cycling will now supply and service the bin in the future, emptying days to be confirmed.


Completion of the aquarium tank clean.
Completion of aquarium internal paint up.
Safety flooring in the aquarium.
Aquarium electrical work.
Paint up of West quay fish landing area.
Replacement of skids on West quay landing steps.


External paint up of the aquarium.
Building of new steps down to Sandy beach.
Clearing of parking spaces of fishing gear for the coming season.
Marking up of parking spaces and yellow lines.
Pre- season paint up of the harbour railings.
Painting of the Lighthouse.

Harbour Masters Report November 2016.

November has seen some mixed weather with some persistent Easterly wind keeping the local fleet in harbour of late. The fishing boats making the most of the finer spells, with some good catches of ring net fish during the early part of the month. The mackerel boats have also had good catches, which is good to see and hope the shoals stay for some while yet.
The local trawl fleet have been having steady catches, with several boats fishing further afield.
Several vessels have now completed re- fit work, and are now back fishing and wish them well on their return to sea.
The harbour has now completed the West Quay refit and all is working well, after a few teething problems here and there.
The aquarium closed after a busy season, and a clean and re- paint will commence soon.
Also quite some effort from the harbour lights team has seen all the displays erected and checked prior to switch on. This really does give the harbour a festive feel for residents and visitors alike.

1st. Meeting with Simon Hanniford from the RNLI, re the placing of several lockable cabinets for the storage of life jackets for visiting boats. This is so crew can wear life jackets whilst coming ashore, and then store them securely until their return.
These will be placed by the harbour office with lighting and cctv coverage.
Meeting with Stephanie Jones and Mike Galligan from SWW to discuss overweight vehicles accessing the quay. The problem being a crane accessing the pumping station at Little Meva which was ten tonnes and appears to have caused some damage. They agreed to communicate in future and look into the problems caused.

2nd. Last day of the season for the aquarium total visits for the year were 77,374 people, this continues to prove to be a popular attraction with children coming back time and time again.

4th. Toyota roller truck attend to repairs on box truck and wide beam truck.

11th. Mike Pryor attends to fix leak outside Harbour office.

14th. Mike Pryor attends to fix leak on fresh water pipe on the jetty.

16th. Winter check on premier moorings.

19th. Harbour staff and fork lift assist with the putting up of the Harbour lights.

21st. SSE attend to inspect and service the non metered supply of the Harbour lighting.

22nd. Delta Scales attend to service fish weighing scales on West quay.

23rd. Breakdown of gantry crane on jetty. Paul Pearce attends and finds blown fuses are the problem. New fuses ordered.

25th. Confirmation from the MMO that grant funding has been approved for the West quay refurbishment and new fork lift truck.

30th. Breakdown of fish landing derrick on West quay, problem was a failure of a stepdown transformer. New part ordered under warranty, this was disappointing as it was a new piece of equipment and will be fixed asap.
Replacement fuses fitted to West quay crane, fuses blow when operated. Further tests seem to indicate problem with electric motor, will contact manufacturers for advice and information.

Clean and paint internal and external of the aquarium.
Re - concreting of Middle chiller after several screeding attempts.

Awaiting confirmation from MMO re the Harbour lighting project.
Discussion with Trustees about new signage around the Harbour.

I would like to wish the Trustees and all Harbour users compliments of the coming season and our fishing fleet good and safe fishing.

Harbour Master's Report October 2016.

October has been a good month for weather, with some fine settled spells and the number of visitors to the harbour reflecting this. The Aquarium has been busy, especially over the half term week, with many other businesses reporting that they have been the busiest for some time. As a whole, the holiday season has been good for the harbour, and I thank the Aquarium staff for all their commitment over the season, even through injury!

I also thank all the staff for their hard work over this time with the West quay refurbishment, as well as the day to day tasks and keeping the harbour as clean and tidy as possible.

The local fishing fleet have been active with steady catches of ring net fish, the trawlers getting quite a few days at sea and the netters having good prices. The mackerel fleet have seen some good catches with the quality being good.

As mentioned before, the West quay works have now been completed with the upgrade to all the facilities for the fishing fleet and other associated businesses operating from the harbour. I am sure that these improvements will hold the harbour in good stead for quite a few years ahead, with added reliability.

3rd. New forklift is delivered. The same capacity as before and this was EMFF part funded. This will be a welcome addition to the harbour with more of the local fisherman gaining their forklift licenses. The old Doosan truck is still operating, and this will also be replaced shortly with a factory re-furnished truck.

4th. One of the vessels on the harbour out- haul moorings, filled with water and was semi submerged. The owner was contacted and agreed that the vessel be towed into the inner harbour when the tide allowed, and to deal with the boat when in calmer waters.
With the assistance of two local fisherman vessel was towed to the inner harbour, where she was bailed out and then taken to the slip and trailered away.
I would like to thank all involved for the assistance we had in dealing with the situation.

Meeting with MMO, showing the refurbishment works on West quay. Photos taken of all the new equipment. MMO very satisfied with what has been achieved so far.

6th. Contact A and M Defence and F and K refrigeration re- completion dates on the outstanding works to finish West quay refurbishment.

10th. Myself and my Family move to Tregorrick. I take some time off to help with the moving.

18th. Site meeting with Rob Grose, A and M Defence, to plan the remaining landing derrick replacement, and snagging problems with the newly fitted landing derrick. These have now been ironed out.

24th. Meeting with Students from Exeter University re- project to ascertain the access and provision of healthcare for the local fishermen and their families.
The harbour has a number of questionnaires at the office for any fisherman who would like to take part.

25th. A and M Defence attend the harbour to fit and test second fish landing derrick. All went well and SWL is as before 150kg.
Test weight was added to pillar jib landing derrick to check on ease of slewing. Cooper grease was applied to bearing, and slewing was much improved. Harbour will monitor this over the coming weeks of use. SWL is again as before at 150kg.

ISD Solutions attend the harbour for the fitting of the last remaining stainless steel sliding door for the ice bunker, and to finish the stainless cladding on the main chiller. This was completed and all the new doors look smart and clean, inside and out.
The remaining door canopies will be fitted by harbour staff when they are delivered.

26th. Active Groundworks attend the harbour to re- screed the middle chiller floor with fibreglass based compound. This will we hope be the fix for the chiller floor problem. If this is not the case, another solution may be required.

27th. Paperwork completed for the factory re- furbished fork- lift truck.

New battery fitted to Doosan truck.

28th. Application submitted to MMO for part EMFF funding for the upgrade and replacement of the harbour lighting.

There were no incidents on the harbour this month.

Stowage of all possible fishing gear around the harbour into lofts, and as much fishing gear not in use to be removed as possible.
General clean and tidy up after the busy holiday season.

Harbour lighting project.
Improvement of the harbour signage, safety and information.

Harbour Master's Report September 2016

September has seen some nice and settled weather, and visitor numbers around the harbour have been steady. The aquarium has been busy through the period with good numbers of people enjoying their visit. I would like to thank several local fisherman for bringing ashore several more specimens.

The fishing fleet continue to make good landings this month, and several vessels are coming to the end of some major refit works.

West quay refurbishment work continues with the chiller rooms refit, the addition of a second door into the ice bunker. All the chiller and ice bunker doors will be replaced with the sliding type, all with new seals to maintain temperature more efficiently.

West quay fish landing derricks are to be replaced, with one free standing type moved to allow more room for vessels landing.

The new ice machines are performing well, and are making five tonnes of ice per day. The quality of the ice is excellent, with good reports back from the fleet at sea.

Completion of the West quay refurbishment will be several more weeks with the addition of a new sliding door on the ice bunker and a second new fish landing derrick is also to be fitted.

2nd - construction of an enclosure for the ice machines in West quay loft.

7th - last evening opening for the Aquarium. The Aquarium saw 23,000 visitors through the month.

8th - Alan Johns attends the Harbour to open up second doorway to the ice bunker.

9th - Sixty motorcycles from the vintage motorcycle club came to visit the Harbour and the village. They thanked the Harbour for their hospitality and enjoyed their day. Filming on the Harbour with Heligan Gardens and their shire horse Izzy.

23rd - ASD Solutions attend the Harbour to start the stainless steel cladding on all the chiller rooms. The fitting of a second door in the ice bunker and the replacement of the swinging doors for sliding doors.

14th - site meeting with George Northey electrician for a quote for the replacement of the Harbour lighting.

18th - site meeting with York Electrics for a quote for replacement Harbour lighting.

19th - the repair of the voids in the old lifeboat slipway.

20th - Active Groundworks attend the Harbour to re screed small chiller room with fibre glass based resin.

27th - A and M Defence attend Harbour to fit new pillar type fish landing derrick.

28th - second landing derrick was seen to need some alteration before it can be fitted to replace the old type. Stuart Crouch fits steel retaining straps to South pier engine house.


Fit lighting to South pier crane
Completion of West quay refurbishment
Delivery of new fork lift truck


Working on the application for funding for the replacement of Harbour lighting

Harbour Master's Report August 2016

August has been an extremely busy month with many visitors to the Harbour enjoying the fine, settled weather.

The local fishing fleet have been particularly active, with good landings of fish on a daily basis. Some local vessels have taken this time to have some refurbishment work.

The Harbour staff have been busy working on the West Quay refurbishment and keeping the Harbour clean and tidy.

August has seen a good number of visiting yachts all of whom have enjoyed their stay. There has also been a good uptake of out haul moorings by visitor's boats.

The Aquarium has been very busy with lots of visitors, I would like to thank the Aquarium staff for all their hard work.

2nd Alan Johns, builder, attends the Harbour to repair the roof on the West quay building. M and M scaffolding erect the final stages of scaffold at the rear of the West quay building.

3rd Classic Windows attend the Harbour to start work on fascias and guttering work on West quay building.

5th Meeting with Border Agency re information exchange.

7th The placing of more signage. Polite notice please return litter to point of purchase.

9th Alan Johns completes work on roof of West quay building.

10th Classic Windows finish work on fascias, guttering and cladding of West quay building.

11th M and M Scaffolding start to take down scaffolding on West quay building.

Meeting with Hazel Bennett of Western Maritime Training, re training courses for new fishermen at Looe in October. Two new local fishermen are booked on this course.

15th Ziegra deliver new ice machines.

Replacement of wire on small landing derrick on West quay.

16th Removal of old ice plant and replacement of flooring necessary for the placement of the new ice machines. Fitting of evaporators on parapet on West quay.

17th F and K Refrigeration attend to replace refrigeration equipment in the main chiller room. This is the last chiller to be refitted.

19th Final installation of Ziegra ice machines.

20th Ziegra commission new ice plant.

22nd Ziegra have final commissioning checks on ice plant. Ice quality looks good and similar to the previous ice. Each machine is producing two and a half tonnes per day.

Meeting with cold room specialist re replacement of chiller doors and the addition of second door in ice bunker.

23rd Stuart Crouch attends to fit new stainless steel silencer to South Pier power pack.

24th Meeting with Chris Ranford re start of application for EMMF funding for replacement and upgrade of Harbour lighting.
Also to arrange courses for local fishermen i.e., VHF training and IT skills.

25th Power pack move on South Pier now completed and working well. Slew speed has been adjusted and lighting still to fit.
Applied fluid power replace control levers on crane, as the old set were leaking.

28th Contact A and M Defence re installation of new fish landing derricks, approximate date being the 20th September for fitment.

30th F and K Refrigeration attend to adjust high pressure switch on small chill room compressor. Pressure cut out switch adjusted and now operating correctly.

31st Exchange of skips.

There were no incidents on the Harbour this month.


Continuation of West quay refurbishment.
Some rearrangement of moorings in the inner Harbour.


Continuation of the application for EMMF funding for the replacement and upgrading of the Harbour lighting.

Harbour Master's report July 2016

July has been another busy month with increased numbers of visitors on and around the Harbour.

The local fishing fleet have also had a busy month with mostly fine weather some of the trawlers fishing locally and others farther afield. The netters have been busy working with their trammel nets and some still wreck fishing. The inshore fleet have been having good catches of mackerel, we hope this continues through the summer.

The West quay refurbishment continues with various contractors working on different aspects of the works.

4th replacement mooring rings fitted to slip for hire boats and plastic fendering attached to lifeboat slip.

5th plastic fendering attached to skid on East side of jetty.

7th Active Groundworks attend to start on number two fridge floor screeding. This is an attempt to stop the fridges from pooling and for the fridges to drain properly. The Little Nippers from the local school came to visit the Aquarium and all had a good time.

11th F and K Refrigeration called to take a look at number three fridge, condenser was cleared and is now operating correctly.

14th Applied Fluid Power attend to fit the last of the hard piping for the South pier power pack.

15th Pip Electrical fitted new LED Street light for trial outside the Sharksfin. It is hoped that these will be fitted all around the Harbour at a later stage as all light fittings need replacement in the near future.

18th F and K Refrigeration contacted again re bait fridge not cooling properly again and took a look at number two fridge which was not keeping temperature down to 2 degrees centigrade. Bartlett Refrigeration contacted re water overflowing large ice machine. Classic Windows start to replace fascia’s and gutters on West quay building.

19th thermal curtain fitted in number two fridge to try and keep temperature down as the fridge door is left open quite often with various businesses operating from this fridge, we hope this is an improvement.

20th Drive Line remove 1000 litres of oil from waste oil tank at no cost to the Harbour.
20th, 21st, 22nd fork lift training on the jetty and theory test in Harbour office for eighteen local fishermen.

21st continuation of refurb on West quay building with the replacement of the windows, replacing the old plastic windows for new.

22nd GR Pro attend to fit fibre glass GRP cabinet for the South pier crane power pack.

27th completion of fitting windows on West quay building.

28th Applied Fluid Power finish off the hydraulic connections and control valves on the South pier crane power pack.

Continuation of the West quay refurbishment and completion of the South pier crane power pack.

Continue working on application for EMMF funding for the replacement and upgrade of the Harbour lighting.